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hobby & art festival “ART SHOW” 2018. post-release

Within the framework of the 25th jubilee exhibition of office and office goods “Skrepka Expo”, fascinating master classes of hobbies and creativity took place, in which over 600 people took part! Many guests attended master classes from ARTI for decorating clay toys.



The highlight of the event was a picture by numbers from the company DO YOU PAINT, which we played among visitors on March 14.

For 2 days on Art Show more than 70 master classes were conducted from the best manufacturers of goods for hobbies and creativity.

At the Art Show site visitors not only discovered new creative directions, but also participated in the Art Quest! One of the stages of which was to make selfi on the background of our tropical 3D installation.

More photos can be found by hashtag #artshow_skrepkaexpo # ялюблюлуч


A lesson in plasticine painting was conducted by GAMMA OJSC, which was one of the sponsors of the creative site.


More than 13 companies participated in the Art Show. Visitors of the event took part in the creation of a flower installation from the SERVICE TORG company, won gifts from participating companies and sponsors, learned about the latest innovations in hobby and creativity products. A bright presentation of their products was carried out by FILA.

More than 50 people visited the master class of the company KTS PRO with the trademark APPLIKA on creating animals from furry wire.


LUXART Company conducted more than 13 master-classes in 2 days! Together with the visitors of the Art Show, craftsmen from LUXART created crafts in a variety of mediomedia techniques, decoupage, scrapbooking.

The company EXPOPRIBOR held an exhibition of works performed by visitors in the ebru technique – one of the most popular creative directions.

Master class on stained-glass painting, drawing up of bouquets from soap and diamond painting was carried out by the company COLOR KIT.


ZAO PHARM held a master class with the trademark “Kalyaka Malyaka”, “ARTformat”, and also took an active part in the drawing of prizes in the Art Lottery, which took place every hour.

Spring cards and bookmarks for books visitors created with the company BIGZHI, using color and watercolor pencils.

Anyone could take part in the Body Art show held by AQUA COLOR.


The SMART PAPER company participated in the Art Show and at the exhibition “Clip Expo” for the first time and held master classes for visitors for 3 days! Great demand was enjoyed by unique crafts made of paper, which you can assemble without the use of glue and scissors.

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