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The first exhibitors of SkrepkaKids Expo 2020 exhibition

Not so long ago, the 26th Skrepka Expo exhibition, which managed to break attendance records of previous years, was held with great success. However, we are not standing still and work on the intersectoral exhibition SkrepkaKids Expo 2020 is already in full swing!

A week after the publication of the press release of the exhibition SkrepkaKids Expo 2020, we present to your attention the first leaders of the stationery and toys market, who confirmed their participation in the most large-scale industry event of 2020 –27th international inter-industry exhibition SkrepkaKids Expo 2020, which will be held from 11 to 13 February 2020 in Moscow, Crocus Expo IEC, Pavilion 2, Halls 10, 11.

Take places at the most important event of the industry – SkrepkaKids Expo 2020


SkrepkaKids Expo – we work for the industry and really unite the best!



One of the largest players in the stationery market – FARM will once again take part in the joint exhibition in February SkrepkaKids Expo 2020

FARM is a reliable partner in the stationery market for customers and suppliers. FARM is a company whose products are rightfully considered to be one of the best, high-quality and more than once received awards in various categories.

We will be happy to offer the guests of the exhibition our hits and grandiose novelties of products for office, school, art and early child development under one of the most popular brands in Russia:

Kalyaka-Malyaka, INFORMAT, schoolFORMAT, ARTformat, Creativiki, 1-2 Pro, LITE, G.F.

As well as brands that we exclusively represent on the Russian market: Manzoni, Eagle, Stanger, LINC and, of course, dozens of world-famous brands, including Universal, Koh-i-Noor, Centropen, etc.

We are waiting for you to visit our new and specialty cocktails!

Website: www.farm.ru

Booth: E301




CENTRUM – One of the largest manufacturers of goods for school and office, products for children’s creativity, backpacks and school bags.

CENTRUM supplies its products to 40 countries and has been on the market for more than 20 years. The product range – more than 1,500 items.

The company follows popular trends, offering its customers all the latest and most interesting.

Highly qualified specialists provide an individual approach to each client, providing favorable working conditions.

The Centrum portfolio includes such popular licenses as Frozen, Barbie, Hot Wheels, Enchantimals, Trolls, Smeshariki, Fixiki.

Website: www.centrumrus.ru

Booth: C201






“KTS-PRO” in the market of office supplies for over 25 years. We offer a wide range of products for school, office and children’s creativity.

Own production allows us to offer our partners a wide, up-to-date range, competitive prices, and quickly respond to market demands.

The products of the company are represented under different trademarks, TM “Applika” is not just individual products, such as colored paper or cardboard. We offer a wide range that combines traditional products, original craft materials, accessories for creativity, and also – and this is important – ready-made kits for creativity in which our materials are used.

Our products complement each other, such an integrated approach increases sales! The products of Applika TM have accumulated experience of 20 years of selling products for creativity, taking into account the peculiarities of demand and the wishes of customers.

Under TM “KTS-PRO” the goods of own production are combined – Notebooks, Diaries, Notebooks, both on the bracket and on the comb.

TM “Planograf” – classic products for business planning – diaries, weeklies, planings, notebooks. TM “PLANO” is products with various types of binding, 7Б, 7БЦ, a crest, a bracket. From notebooks, phone books to the prestige of notebooks and books of accounting.

Website: www.kts-pro.ru

Booth: F201





MPM Group

The MPM Group is a distributor of professional stationery, artists, designers, architects and hobby materials.

The range of paper for drawing and creativity, paints, pencils, pastels, markers, pens, brushes, easels, canvases and other related products.

Products are shipped directly from the manufacturing plants to the warehouse complex of the company, which guarantees 100% authentic products.

We represent brands of leading foreign manufacturers: Royal Talens (Holland), Arches (France), Fabriano (Italy), Sakura (Japan), Derwent (England), TOUCH (Japan), Bruynzeel (Holland), SM-LT (Lithuania), Canson (France), Sadipal (Spain), Stylefile (Germany), Kaweco (Germany), Manuscript (England), Graph it (France), Reflex (Germany), Strathmore (USA), Winsor & Newton (England), Oxford (France) , Subscriptions (Russia). Presented brands are known all over the world, have a rich history and are distinguished by the highest quality products.

To date, we offer more than 8000 articles in products www.mpmart.ru

Website: www.mpmart.ru

Booth: F501







Publishing House ″ Prof-Press ″ was founded in 2002 and is now the largest producer of printed products in the south of Russia and one of the leaders among the participants in the stationery market of the Russian Federation and the CIS. We carry out a full production cycle – from design to sales – in 4 areas: the production of stationery and paper and stationery products, the publication of books for children, the production of board games and toys, polygraph services.

Website: www.prof-press.ru

Booth: B201


Phoenix +

Phoenix + LLC is a member of the Phoenix group of companies, which has existed since 1988. Our company was established in 2001 to work in the direction of – the production and sale of paper and stationery products, school textiles, products for school and office.

Over the years, our company has come a long way. From a young, unknown regional company, we grew to be a major manufacturer of office supplies and school textiles.

The company launches products under the trademarks: Phoenix +, Escalada and Fenix-Art. The line of goods produced by us includes exclusively developed own products.

Among the partners of Phoenix +  the largest wholesale and wholesale and retail companies in Russia and neighboring countries. Our products are available in regional and federal retail chains. In order to optimize work with clients, our representative offices work in the Central, Southern, Volga and Urals Federal Districts.

On the account of LLC Phoenix + many awards and diplomas of All-Russian competitions and awards of the industry market. The company repeatedly became the laureate of the Golden Clip award and the winner of the competitions “One Hundred Best Products of Russia”, “Choice of the Stationery Market of Russia”.

Over the years, the range of products has become much wider. Today, we already have more than 10,000 items of office and school supplies. Despite this, the company continues to constantly develop and create new product groups.

Website: www.phoenix-plus.ru

Booth: D501








SIMBAT company produces a wide range of toys of its own TM “Karapuz”, “Technopark”, “City of Masters”, “We play together”, “Multi Art”, “Umka” (books and toys), as well as goods for sports and outdoor activities – bicycles , scooters, baby strollers, car seats and so on. We also create toys for popular and popular children’s licenses. We provide customer support and product promotion with the help of POS, the design of points of sale, advertising through various channels, and training customer personnel.

Website: http://igr.ru/

Booth: J201




F.I.L.A. Group

F.I.L.A. Group is the fastest growing group of companies in the stationery market. F.I.L.A. Russia is the official representative of FILA Group in Russia, selling in the Russian Federation, Belarus, Kazakhstan and other CIS countries.

We produce the widest range of products for creativity, school, early development, art materials and products for artists: these are the most recognizable brands in the stationery and art markets: Giotto, Giotto be-bè, Dido, Patplum, Pongo, Das, Lyra, Tratto , Canson, Maimeri, Daler-Rowney, Ferrario, St Cuthberts Mill, Strathmore and Princeton.

F.I.L.A. The group now consists of 27 own productions (Italy, Germany, France, Great Britain, USA, India, Malaysia, Mexico, Brazil, Indonesia) and 40 representative offices all over the world with their warehouses.

Our advantages:

  • In Russia, F.I.L.A. – the only of all clerical companies, despite the crisis, annually doubles financial indicators. In 2017, the growth rate was 23%.
  • F.I.L.A. – one of two manufacturers in the world (and the only one in Europe) with a full production cycle in its own factory from the tree trunk to the finished pencil, the company has its own certified scaffolding.
  • Currently F.I.L.A. closes all segments of the global market and presents the widest range of products in the following categories:

– products for creativity;

– School office;

– products for early development;

– art materials;

– products for artists;

– restoration materials;

– line of hobby and decoration;

– children’s cosmetics;

– paper and clean products.

Our values: bright individuality of products; own production; maximum marketing support (their representative offices); innovation; certified materials; patented production technology; product quality and safety.

Website:  https://www.fila.it/ru/ru/

Booth: C101





The company Luch is the leading Russian manufacturer of products for creativity, the largest supplier. Has been operating since 1970.

A wide range, colorful memorable design, consistently high quality and safety ensured the products of the Luch brand the deserved love of buyers.

In parallel with the main activity, the company Luch develops the direction for the production of adhesive tape and small-sized plastic packaging.

The company Luch carries out stable deliveries throughout the country and far beyond its borders. Today, Luch brand products are represented in 22 countries of the world.

Website: www.luch-pk.ru

Booth: F401




Nevskaya Palitra

Peter Art Service is the largest distributor of creative goods, the leader in the art materials market in Russia.

Peter Art Service is the exclusive distributor of the Nevskaya Palitra Plant of Artistic Paints, the oldest art materials factory in Russia, which in 2019 celebrates its 85th anniversary.

In its assortment has a line of products for children’s creativity under the trademark “Flower”, which includes the highest quality paints, guaranteed by the professional reputation of JSC “ZHK” Nevskaya Palitra

Also, Peter Art Service is the exclusive distributor of the French brands Sennelier and Lana, the Italian brand Mabef, the German brand Hahnemuhle and the Hungarian Pentacolor.

The main thing that unites all the products we offer is the basic principle of “listen and hear your customers.” Offer exactly those materials that are needed by the consumer, work closely with their trading partners, with professional artists, listen to their recommendations and follow them.

Website: www.artpaints.ru

Booth: C401

Nevskaya Palitra:





Peter Art Service:





SkrepkaKids Expo we work for the industry

and really unite only the best ones!

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