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26th specialized exhibition of stationary and office supplies “skrepka expo”

We invite you to take part in the 26th International Specialized Exhibition of Stationery and Office Goods “Skrepka Expo”, which will be held from 19 to 21 March 2019 in Moscow, Crocus Expo IEC, Pavilion 2, Hall No. 10 and No. 11 .


The exhibition is organized by LLC “Skrepka Expo Project”, in partnership with the Crocus Expo IEC




In 2019 the exhibition will be held immediately in 2 halls of the “Crocus Expo” united in a single exhibition space. In each hall there will be an equivalent entrance for visitors, internal passages between halls will be located every 30 meters. Thus, exhibitors will get twice as many opportunities to choose a well-placed booth for their company.




The International Specialized Exhibition of Stationery and Office Goods “Skrepka Expo” is the leading clerical exhibition and the largest b2b-site in Russia, reflecting the dynamically developing market of office and office goods – stationery, school products, hobby and creativity materials, office supplies, souvenir products, consumables for office equipment, etc. The target audience has been formed since 2003 and continues to expand to the present and in aggregate is over 15 000 professionals – industry participants. On an area of ​​more than 12,000 square meters, the largest number of producers and suppliers from Russia, the countries of the Near and Far Abroad are concentrated.


Despite the realities of a difficult time, the office and office industry is actively developing, and is not ready to surrender. About this fact says an analytical reference about the past exhibition “Skrepka Expo. Spring 2018 »: the exhibition area in comparison with the exhibition« Skrepka Expo. Spring 2017 “grew by 20%, the number of participants in 235 companies, including 40 new ones, the number of professional visitors also increased by 20%.


At the exhibition, the company traditionally presented new products, innovations and latest developments of the industry. The organizers of the exhibition “Skrepka Expo” created the conditions that are as close as possible to the ideal for:


  1. Conducting direct negotiations between suppliers and buyers
  2. Demonstrations of presentations
  3. Obtaining necessary information and experience exchange in business processes
  4. Conducting master classes
  5. Conducting conferences and seminars





  1. Writing Instruments
  2. Paper and paper products of a kind
  3. Stationery for children
  4. School writing materials
  5. Desktop accessories
  6. Organization of the workplace, storage and archiving of documents
  7. Souvenir and representative products, business accessories
  8. Goods for hobbies and creativity
  9. Festive products
  10. Stamp equipment
  11. Office equipment
  12. Consumables for office equipment
  13. Equipment for presentations, training, demonstrations
  14. Furniture for office
  15. Computer accessories
  16. Office accessories
  17. Corporate Services
  18. Information and analytical mass media about the market of office and office goods





The audience of the exhibition is the professionals of the branch of office and office goods, souvenir, gift and other related industries who visit the exhibition in order to find new interesting suppliers and favorable terms of cooperation and decide on the purchase of goods for their enterprises (more than 90% of visitors participate in purchasing decisions !).


The exhibition is visited by your customers:


  1. Distributors of goods for office and school, office supplies and materials for hobbies and creativity (more than 40% of visitors)
  2. Employees of purchasing departments of retail chains
  3. Representatives of retail shops of office supplies, goods for school and office, book and children’s shops, online stores
  4. Specialists of art salons and shops of goods for hobbies and creativity
  5. Office Services Specialists
  6. Managers of the ACS services and secretaries
  7. Representatives of federal authorities, ministries and departments
  8. Employees of advertising and souvenir agencies and printing houses
  9. Specialists in the industry of consumables for professional, office and home printing




Spring exhibition is the time of concluding seasonal contracts! “Skrepka Expo” is the leading clerical B2B platform that will enable:

  1. Find new customers
  2. To be in the center of business events
  3. To strengthen the image of the industry leader
  4. Bring a new brand to the market
  5. Communicate with all partners in a short time
  6. Enter new markets
  7. Get feedback from the target audience and start working even before the exhibition: the marketing plan for the promotion of the exhibition includes sending out information about exhibitors, news, announcements, press releases and post releases, etc. on databases, which include more than 15,000 targeted contacts



COST FOR PARTICIPATION (prices are valid until 01.09.2018)


  1. Registration fee: NO
  2. The cost of 1 square meter of space (without the construction of a stand) – 260 euros VAT included*
  3. Cost of building for 1 sq.m of standard stand – 85 euros
  4.  VAT electricity – 70 euro

For any questions please contact us: