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The exhibition project SkrepkaKids Expo begins accepting applications for participation

Going on with their targeted activities for the sake of visitors and exhibitors, two market leaders — two independent industry trade shows — have successfully joined forces to proudly present a new joint global inter-industry project SkrepkaKids Expo 2020.




Being the only professional facilitator of specialized trade shows and forums at the market of stationery and office products of Russia, the largest specialized exhibition company in the post-Soviet territory and Eastern Europe, Skrepka Expo has been long proving its commitment to the interests and values of the industry that were first declared in 2004. Since them the facilitators of Skrepka Expo have held 25 trade shows and over four dozes of forums. They have never stopped reasonably endeavoring to ensure that the stationery market continues developing, the exhibition remains the leading tool of demand and supply harmonization, exhibitors obtain even more perspective business contacts and visitors may opt for the most comprehensive business program under the conditions of a comfortable and high-quality infrastructure of the best Russian exhibition area of Crocus Expo.

Kids Russia is the international specialized trade show of children products, the leading spring professional exhibition of children products in Russia, the CIS states and Eastern Europe that is held under the auspices of the world leading trade show, which focuses on games, toys and leisure arrangement, Spielwarenmesse ® (Nuremberg, Germany), and the Russian Association of Children Product Enterprises.

The long-term goals of this new strategic alliance includes provision of participants and visitors of the show with the most complete product offer at the adjacent corresponding markets, as well as the best services under the considerable cost cuts.

Our initiative has been already actively supported both by the participants of both markets and by the professional associations in Russia and abroad.

Please, review the advantages we created as part of the SkrepkaKids Expo global project in more detail:

  • For visitors. Combination of target flows of the professional exhibition visitors. Products from the assortment matrix of the companies representing the stationery and toy markets are presented and located side by side on the shelves of the largest purchasers of our industries. Satisfaction of the demand within a broad spectrum of products at one time and in one place = economic benefits and convenience for everyone.
  • For exhibitors. An opportunity of presenting their product to a doubled number of purchasers of both markets. More contacts, more opportunities of expanding sales channels, more strategic company development solutions at one time and in one place = economic benefits and convenience for everyone.
  • For market development. Due to the synergy of our opportunities, the exhibition participants will be able to attend new business, marketing and training events, participation in which at one time and in one place will allow establishing a vector of their product promotion = economic benefits and convenience for everyone.
  • For economic effect. Combination of two trade shows into one synergy concept allowed forming a new pricing policy, which will result in a considerable reduction of exhibitors’ expenses on the exhibition activities and high-quality improvement of the service proposal = economic benefits and convenience for everyone.
  • Exhibition term. Based on a continuous commitment to carefully consider the market players’ expectations, track any changes in the conditions of the companies’ internal logistics, terms of creation and presentation of new collections, we provide the unified market optimal terms for holding a trade show — February 11-13, 2020, Crocus Expo International Exhibition Center, United Halls 10 and 11, which will enable the companies to initiate business processes at one of the most edge-cutting exhibition sites of Russia at one time and in once place = economic benefits and convenience for everyone.

Bringing together the exhibitors’ and professional purchasers’ expectations, attractive economic conditions and a new level of the exhibition service, we are certain to conclude that participation in the new SkrepkaKids Expo trade show implies  economic benefits and convenience for everyone.

The joint pricing policy of the SkrepkaKids Expo trade show will be provided to every exhibitor as part of individual offers.

According to the tradition established by the “Main Stationery Question” Forum, on the eve of SkrepkaKids Expo, on February 10, 2020, the Global Inter-Industry Forum will be held, during which the world-class speakers will voice the key trends of the modern business, present new technologies and share their profound experience with other participants. The Global Inter-Industry Forum reflects new topics, new faces and an absolutely new level.

Looking forward to meeting you at the Global Inter-Industry Forum and SkrepkaKids Expo trade show on February 10-13, 2020. Crocus Expo International Exhibition Center, Moscow, Russia.

SkrepkaKids Expo we work for the industry

and really unite only the best ones!