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Sponsorship options




(General sponsor)



(Official product)



 (Registration sponsor)


6 5000 € 2 000 € 4 000 €

Web-site, news, mailings

Web banner on www.skrepkaexpo.ru
References in news, exhibition`s press and post releases

Skrepka Expo exhibition

Logo on the main roll-up near by IEC Crocus Expo pavilion
Advertisement on Tritex constructions (2*2 sq/m) in the registration hall
Logo on visitors bages (300 000 rub for each sponsorship packages)
Logo + model of the layout on the banner stretching above the entrance to the exhibition hall + 150000 rub
Sponsor’s logo on invitations to the Skrepka Expo exhibition. (5,000 copies)
Logo on electronic invitations to the exhibition (at least 5,000 registrations are planned)
Distribution of sponsor’s promotional products at the reception desk and Directorate stand
Registration in the sponsor`s uniform
Brending of the reception desk
Logo on the floor scheme in the exhibition guide (magazine on Kanzoboz.Life)
Logo on the general scheme of the exhibition (at the hall entrance)
Sponsor’s radio announcements in the exhibition hall during the exhibition 3 per a day 1 per a day 1 per a day

Advertising on social networks Facebook and Vkontakte (30 days)

Weekly unique pr-content in the official communities of “Skrepka Expo” in accordance with sponsor`s requests
Weekly information posts in paid communities of the social network Vkontakte
Weekly posts on Facebook about the sponsor, which runs for days with a link to the site for the selected target audience by geography, location and interests
Contests “random follower” in the social networks “Skrepka Expo”