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The main interindustry event, place to meet and solve the business problems of the professionals of stationery and office products, school products, hobby and craft products, games and toys, educational products, souvenirs and presentation materials, the 29th International Multi Theme В2В Exhibition Skrepka Expo was held on February 2-4, 2022, in the Crocus Expo International Exhibition Centre.


The Skrepka Expo Exhibition was successful. It was carried out in full compliance with the standards for the events 500+:

– area of the exhibition is 8,396 square metres;
– 105 exhibitors from Russia and abroad;
– 5,670 visitors from all regions of Russia and CIS countries.


For 17 years of its activity the Skrepka Expo Exhibition became an important part of business of several industries. According to the exhibitors and visitors, Skrepka Expo is an ideal combination of the place and time for negotiations and preparation for the season both for the manufacturers and suppliers and for the regional wholesale and retail. It is proved by the intense activity at the exhibitors’ stands, occupancy level of the halls, active communication near the display windows with new collections.

A number of important events was carried out within the exhibition:


Main Stationery Issue Forum.


On February 01st, 2022, the 2022 Main Stationery Issue Forum was carried out in Aquarium hotel, Crocus Expo. It became not only the first major industry event in this year, but also an unusually bright and intense arrangement as to the content and emotions.


The Forum consisted of two main parts:

1) speeches of experts in strategic consulting, economics, marketing, and HR to solve important business problems facing the industry leaders;

2) panel discussion where the leaders of large companies spoke.

An intense face-to-face dialogue between the speakers and audience took place in the course of speeches that proved the relevance of the main themes of the Forum.


Post-Event Media Release of the 2022 MSI Forum.

Materials and Presentations of the MSI Forum.


The 15th Anniversary National Award of the Russian Stationery and Office Products Market Golden Paper Clip.


On February 02nd, 2022, an official ceremony was carried where the winners of the 15th Anniversary National Award of the Russian Stationery and Office Products Market Golden Paper Clip were announced and awards were presented following the results of 2021.

The best of the best gained recognition they deserved for their achievements!


Post-Event Media Release of the Golden Paper Clip Award.

Nominations and Winners of the 15th Anniversary National Award of the Russian Stationery and Office Products Market Golden Paper Clip.


February 04th. Public Talk under the title Modern Supply of Offices and Home Offices with Stationery.


During the meeting the administrative and business personnel and specialists of the procurement subdivisions and leading suppliers of the industry exchanged their experience in the area of procurement of stationery and paper, identified the existing problems and discussed the methods for their solution.


February 04th. Retail Day.


On this day special attention at the manufacturers’ stands was given to the retail representatives; informal conversation with the heads of the leading companies took place. Besides that, the Active Visitor of Skrepka Expo award ceremony was carried out.


February 04th. Exhibition Closing Ceremony.


A festive standing reception was held at 03 p.m. in the Skrepka Expo hall where the exhibitors and visitors celebrated the end of the most important Stationery Week.


“Skrepka Expo Exhibition and its events are not only a platform for business, but also a long-awaited possibility to communicate, creative atmosphere and a real celebration”, this is how the participants react to our projects.


We thank our valued partners:

MERLION, General Partner of the 15th Anniversary National Award of the Russian Stationery and Office Products Market Golden Paper Clip.

We express our gratitude to the participants, visitors, friends and partners of the 29th International Multi Theme Exhibition Skrepka Expo and all our events! This celebration is for you and due to you!


Thank you! See you at the 30th Anniversary International Multithematic Exhibition Skrepka Expo on February 7-9, 2023!