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On February 01st, 2022, the 2022 Main Stationery Issue Forum was carried out in Aquarium hotel, Crocus Expo. It became not only the first major industry event in this year, but also an unusually bright and intense arrangement as to the content and emotions.


The 2022 GKV Forum consisted of two main parts:


1. speeches of experts in strategic consulting, economics, marketing, and HR to solve important business problems facing the industry leaders;

2. panel discussion where the leaders of large companies from several sectors spoke – stationery products, hobby and craft products, toys and games, educational products, souvenirs and gifts.


Such charismatic leaders of the industry as Konstantin Rumyantsev, Director of LIKOR (Syktyvkar), and Grigory Tsukerman, Director General of KANZBYURO (Chelyabinsk), acted as moderators of the 2022 MSI Forum. Sparkling humour became an integral emotional component of the event.


During the first part of the Forum the main figures and trends of development of the stationery products market and global trends to be considered by the Russian business were visualised by such bright professionals as:

  • -Director for Retail Sector Development, Head of ROMIR Client Group ANASTASIA SIDORINA;
  • -Head of the Company Economics Area of ARB-PRO ZOYA STRELKOVA;
  • -Managing Partner of VIZAVI Consult (Moscow) VALERIA DVORTSEVAYA;
  • -GFK presentation was given by moderators Konstantin Rumyantsev and Grigory Tsukerman.


An intense face-to-face dialogue between the speakers and audience took place in the course of speeches. A great number of questions were asked by the moderators of the Forum and visitors. The moderators often proposed to the participants of the Forum to discuss some issues personally with the speakers at the end of the event.


During the second part of the Forum the top executives of the leading companies of the industry not only presented interesting figures and development trends, but also shared sincerely their thoughts, ambitions and mission. It ensured a high level of interest among the attendees and intense dialogue between the speakers and audience during the whole event.

  • -Activities in the conditions of pandemic. Hide or jump?
  • -What can we do with the marketplaces? How can we cushion the blow on the retail?
  • -What is the perspective of the regional wholesale?
  • -What are we working for? What is the purpose of the life? And what is happiness?
  • -Why should the best people wish to work in your company?
  • -Many others.


The speakers of the industry part of the 2022 GKV Forum were:


  • -Boris Kats, founder of GAMMA TH and Chairperson of the Board of Directors of Planeta Uvlecheniy JSC (LEONARDO hobby hypermarkets), Moscow;
  • -Maksim Komin, Sales Director of LUCH, Yaroslavl;
  • -Dina Ermakova, Wholesale Director of FARM, Moscow;
  • -Andrey Geymbukh, Director General of DELOVOY STIL, Nizhny Tagil;
  • -Konstantin Podshivalov, Director General of FINSIB, Novosibirsk;
  • -Andrey Khvorostyany, Head of the Stationery Sales Department of PROF-PRESS, Rostov-on-Don;
  • -Natalya Karavaeva, Commercial Director of TH NEVSKAYA PALITRA, Saint Petersburg;
  • -Sergey Plotnikov, Director General of MAYAK KANZ, Penza;
  • -Aleksandr Smirnov, Deputy Director General of SMISTAR group of companies, Moscow;
  • -Konstantin Rumyantsev, Director of LIKOR, Syktyvkar;
  • -Grigory Tsukerman, Director General of KANZBYURO, Chelyabinsk.


Program and speakers of the 2022 GKV Forum.


In addition to the business program, there was a lot of face-to-face communication at the Main Stationery Issue Forum. The participants of the market enjoyed getting together and hurried to discuss the accumulated issues with each other.

Dear speakers, participants and partners of the 2022 GKV Forum! We appreciate your active participation in the event!


We invite all participants of the market of stationery products, games and toys, souvenirs and gifts, hobby and craft products, household and office products to take participation in the 30th Anniversary International Multithematic Exhibition Skrepka Expo.




You can view the materials and presentations of the GKV Forum HERE.