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Participants of the exhibition “Skrepka Expo. Spring 2018 ». The 9th edition

Being the first among equals is not an easy task. Heights obey those who are constantly pleasantly surprised. Five companies from today’s press release for many years of work not only did not lose creative passion but also proved to be reliable partners.

Jubilee 25th exhibition “Skrepka Expo. Spring 2018” is waiting for those who are boldly looking to the future, ready to absorb innovative technologies and ready for many years of cooperation!
The 25th International Exhibition «Skrepka Expo» will be held from March 13 to 15th, in «Crocus Expo», hall 11, pavilion 2, Moscow, Russia


For the past century, the company has been producing goods for creativity and hobbies for both children and adults, as well as a wide range of materials for artists and stationery. All famous trademarks “Cartoons”, “Young Artist”, “Baby”, “Lyceum” and others, are actively used in classes in kindergartens, schools and other educational institutions. Paints for painting the fabrics “Batik Hobby”, as well as sets of acrylic, gouache, watercolour and oil paints “Studio”, “Moscow Palette” and “Old Master” are widely known in the circles of creative people. For professional artists, the company produces a line of materials, accessories and tools

Booth: D902
Website: http://artgamma.ru/


On the Russian stationery market, the «ASMAR» company has been operating for ten years. Assortment group of trademark “ASMAR” – pens, markers, pencils and other accessories for writing, which made at the best factories in Russia and abroad.

Booth: C601
Website: http://ar-asmar.ru/


TetraProm” LLC is one of the largest, reliable and dynamically developing Russian manufacturers of stationary supplies. The company’s equipment park makes it possible to produce a high-quality paper-white and folders products. TetraProm” LLC represents two trademarks – “World Notebooks” and TM “Tiralana”.

Booth: А401
Website: http://www.tetraprom.ru/


For sixteen years in the “Liliya Holding” company have created and developed their own production of paper goods. The entire range of paper products for drawing, creativity and design is produced under the trademark “PALAZZO”. A significant part of the assortment consists of professional cellulose and paper products. In addition, “Liliya Holding” is the only company in Russia that produces a drawing paper for mascara and food paper.

Booth: F601
Website: http://liliya-holding.ru/


The supplier of gifts and paper for gift wrapping are successfully increasing at the Russian market more than 20 years, and have more than 20 offices in Russian cities. The assortment of gift cards is the biggest in the Russian market.

The supplier of holiday gifts and gift wrapping has already 20 years on the domestic market and has 20 branches in Russian cities. By the way, the assortment of cards in «NPP Micros» LLC» company is one of the largest in Russia. «NPP Micros» LLC» represents the products of almost all publishing houses of greeting cards, is the dealer of the publishing houses “The World of congratulations”, “Holiday”, “The Empire of congratulations”, “The Open Planet” and the representative of the company “Europe Uno Trade”. And in 2013 the company started production of goods under their own trademark.

Booth: А204
Website: http://mikros-vrn.ru/

Every Friday we will update the list of exhibitors and introduce you to the new participants of the exhibition “Skrepka Expo. Spring 2018 “on the website of the exhibition www.skrepkaexpo.ru and on the websites of the official media partners of the exhibition.
We are waiting for you at the 25th International Specialized Exhibition of Stationery and Office Goods “Skrepka Expo”, which will be held from 13 to 15 March 2018 in Moscow, Crocus Expo IEC, Pavilion 2, Hall No. 11.
Take the best places in the exposition of the largest business event of the office and office industry!

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Detailed information on participation can be obtained from the exhibition management:
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Phone: +7 495 648 9138, +7 495 789 9380
Info@apkor.ru, expo@apkor.ru www.skrepkaexpo.ru

The organizes are grateful for the active information support of the exhibition partners.