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PARTICIPANTS OF THE EXHIBITION “Skrepka Expo. SPRING 2018”. The 6th edition.

The scope of the anniversary 25th exhibition “Skrepka Expo. Spring 2018 “attracts both Russian and foreign companies. The best of the best choose “Skrepka Expo” as a platform for finding partners and sharing innovative developments. For example, the five companies of this issue have experience working with goods of different profiles and are ready to share it from March 13 to 15, 2018 in Moscow.

Hurry to become a participant of the International Specialized Exhibition of Stationery and Office Goods “Skrepka Expo”! It will be held at one of the largest in terms of area exhibition centers in the world “Crocus Expo”, in Pavilion 2, Hall number 11.


The Swiss brand “PREMEC” with world renown and half a century history is an innovator in the industry of writing accessories. Exceptional characteristics and affordable prices of ballpoint pens “PREMEC” attract the Russian audience. So, having entered the domestic market in 2014, the brand has been confidently gaining popularity due to unique rulers. The Swiss found the inspiration in the antique Russian crafts and made a furor collection “Russian motives.” Elements of Khokhloma, Gzhel and Zhostovo murals have found a response in the hearts of many of our compatriots. Having determined the taste of the Russian market, the Swiss company also released collections “Great Russian Writers” and “Space Exploration”.

Stand E807
Website http://premec-russia.ru/


“Galser” entered the market in 1994. During this time the company has passed a difficult path from the seller of lighters to the largest supplier of gift products with a wide assortment, writing accessories and accessories of world-known brands. Having proved itself as a reliable partner, “Galser” has become the exclusive distributor of major well-known brands: “Pierre Cardin”, “CROSS”, ‘FranklinCovey”, “WENGER”, “ZIPPO”, “VICTORINOX luggage”, “STINGER”, “S.Quire” , “Jardine D’ete”, “Mag-Lite”, “Accentra”, “Tru Virtu”. For “VICTORINOX”, “Parker”, “Waterman”, “Crystocraft”, “Galser” has also become an official distributor. Recently the young company has found the recognition of the famous German brand with more than 80-year history – “Hauser” and became its exclusive representative.

Stand E801
Website http://www.galser.ru/about/


“Globen” has created a unique production of globes in Russia. Today it actively works in the Russian market. In addition, a simple and memorable slogan of “Globen” ̶ “The world is in your hands” ̶ means the company’s focus on cooperation with foreign partners. The successful combination of high quality products and affordable prices is the attractive feature if this company. By the way, from our exhibition the company’s coin box has been replenished with one more award. In 2013, Globen won the category “Breakthrough of the Year” among domestic companies.

Stand B502
Website: http://pkgloben.com


The multiple winner of the national award “Golden Skrepka” is “Hatber-M”. The company is recognized as the leading domestic manufacturer of paper and white products and office supplies for schools and offices, as well as goods for creativity. About 17 franchises are represented in the license portfolio of ”Hatber-M” as the company is the leader in the production of general exercise books, creative products and children’s table games and puzzles. It should be noted that the company has its own design bureau, which tracks the latest trends in children’s and youth fashion and is embodied in the production of paper and white paper and stationery products.

Stand F202
Website http://hatber.ru/

Mayak Kants

“Mayak Kants” LLC offers the Russian market a wide range of school, general and drawing notebooks as well as folders for watercolor. All products are manufactured using the equipment of German firms “Bilomatik” and “Ville” and undergo strict quality control. The company also has a large client base in the CIS countries.

Stand G301
Website http://www.maykanz.ru/

Every Friday we will update the list of exhibitors and introduce you to the new participants of the exhibition “Skrepka Expo. Spring 2018 “on the website of the exhibition www.skrepkaexpo.ru and on the websites of the official media partners of the exhibition.
We are waiting for you at the 25th International Specialized Exhibition of Stationery and Office Goods “Skrepka Expo”, which will be held from 13 to 15 March 2018 in Moscow, Crocus Expo IEC, Pavilion 2, Hall No. 11.
Take the best places in the exposition of the largest business event of the office and office industry!

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Detailed information on participation can be obtained from the exhibition management:
LLC “Skrepka Expo Project”:
Phone: +7 495 648 9138, +7 495 789 9380
Info@apkor.ru, expo@apkor.ru www.skrepkaexpo.ru

The organizes are grateful for the active information support of the exhibition partners.

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