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Skrepka Expo

International Specialized Exhibition of Office and Stationery Equipment «Skrepka Expo» is organized by  LLC "Skrepka Expo Project" with the support of Association of Producers and Suppliers of Writing and Office equipment  and with the partnership of International Exhibition Center "Crocus Expo".


The exhibition "Skrepka Expo" is the largest Russian b2b arena for specialists of writing and school equipment, materials for hobby and creation, goods for office, souvenir production, goods for office etc. The main exhibition audience has been formed since 2003, and is still expanding. More than 11 000 of professionals are participants of the stationery exhibition now. 12 000 sq. m. area represents major suppliers of stationery and office stationery products from Russia and other countries. The exhibition became the perfect location for business negotiations, product demonstrations, obtaining information both for suppliers and buyers. 

Both exhibitions reflect the dynamic office and stationery market and together comprise all product facets: office and school supplies, quality stationery products, gift items and also artists and craft supplies.

• Paper and paper goods
• Writing accessories
• Writing accessories for kids
• School equipment
• Desk accessories
• Working space organization, filing cabinets
• Souvenir, promotion products, business accessories
• Goods for hobby and creation
• Gifts and greeting products
• Stamp equipment
• Office equipment
• Office supply
• Equipment for learning and demonstration
• Office furniture
• Computer accessories
• Office accessories
• Corporate service
• Mass media on stationery and office goods market

Management of the exhibition is happy to invite companies- participants to take part in the exhibition “Skrepka Expo” to maintain and strengthen their positions on the stationery market. 
The Anniversary “Skrepka Expo” exhibition has high perspectives for potential sponsors, offering new partnership and long list of advantages in the competitive business environment. Using all benefits of the exhibition sponsor status, company will gain authority and strengthen its position on the stationery market. 
We are happy to invite you to participate in the most segnificant event on the Russian stationery market!

LLC «Skrepka Expo Project»
Tel: +7 495 648 9138, +7 495 789 9380






24th exhibition

March, 14-16 2017 Crocus Expo, pavilion №2, hall №11.

Prices and discounter

List of participants


  • 26.05.2016

    Press-release 24th International Specialized Exhibition of stationery and office supplies «Skrepka Expo»


  • 31.03.2016

    Post-release. 23rd International Specialized Exhibition for Stationery and Office supplies "SKREPKA EXPO"


  • 25.05.2015

    23rd International Specialized Exhibition of stationery and office supplies «Skrepka Expo»


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